The information below has been provided to explain what I have to offer; please look it over before sending me a request. Please follow the links for explanations of highlighted terms.

I have a complete set of arcade game files for use with the latest version of the MAME™ emulator, fully-merged and verified with ClrMAME Pro scanning the ROM set against an arcade-only variant of MAME™. Be advised ClrMAME Pro MIGHT report different results when using a release different from the one I use.

The complete set on hard drive comes with all necessary .chd files and sound samples. Sets on DVD don't include .chd files.

My various sets of console and computer system ROMs are mostly organized using the Good and TOSEC series of database tools. The DAPHNE laserdisc MPEGs are set up and include the necessary files to work properly with DAPHNE.

Blank Media
DVD-R: I use Taiyo Yuden discs only.

CD-R: I use only Taiyo Yuden silver/light blue CD-Rs with a scratch-resistant coating.

After burning, each disc is verified to see that the data was actually written.

If you're interested in what settings I use to burn media, check here.
Each disc is placed in a Tyvek sleeve (I don't use paper sleeves, but will use plastic ones if I run out of the Tyveks) and the First-Class shipping envelope is bubble-wrap lined; in the case of a Priority Mail request, I wrap the disc(s) in bubble wrap before packing them in Priority Mail box.
I'm located in the United States and will ship anywhere.

All shipping costs will be calculated based upon current United States Postal Service rates and how many discs it takes to fufill your request.
For each of my CD-Rs or DVD-Rs I burn, I ask for a reimbursement of $2.00. It's important you understand that this money does *not* represent a purchase or an order from me. I'm not selling anything to you or charging you for burning anything. You are requesting that access be provided for you to data that's available on the internet via telecommunications common carriers and that any payment you provide is simply reimbursement for the means used to make that data available to you.
Reimbursement Types
If you live in the U.S., credit or debit card, money orders, personal checks and cash are accepted. Outside the U.S., I can accept credit card reimbursements only.

Though I do accept the sending of cash, I advise against it; with money orders or checks, you have some security if your reimbursement gets lost in the mail.

If you're sending a decent amount of money, I strongly suggest you use some form of tracking (Priority or Registered Mail, for example) and insurance. In the unlikely event that there's a foul-up with the mail, you'll be happy you spent those few extra bucks.
If you're interested in going this route, please see my ROMs page.

Burning Time
Please remember this is a voluntary service; I do my best to fill requests as quickly as possible usually 1-3 days, weekends notwithstanding. If demand becomes heavy (as it usually does around the time of a new MAME™ release) it could be up to 5 days, depending on how many sets are in your request. Any notice of general delays will be found near the top of the "ROMs" page. Ultimately, since life is life and one never knows what's going to happen tomorrow, I do not offer a guaranteed shipping time.

Since I'm not comfortable with the thought of dropping these packages in a mailbox, I take them directly to the post office which also enables me to get them marked fragile. Because of this and due to the fact that I can't always get to the post office on Saturday, a request made on Friday might not be mailed until Monday.

If something occurs to prevent my handling your request in a reasonable amount of time (and I reserve for myself the right to define what that is), I'll let you know.

Demands for higher priority will be ignored, and I reserve the right to withdraw the service if I'm unhappy with the nature of the request.

I don't know you, nor do I know your legal rights on entitlement for this material. The legality of this material is your responsibility - I make no claims on the legal status of these ROMs, nor do I supply or transfer any license or copyright with the ROM sets. By requesting that you have discs burned for you, you agree with these terms.


Upon receiving a request, I'll send a message to the sender confirming that I have it, then another after it's been fulfilled and mailed. Packages sent using USPS Priority Mail will be assigned a tracking number by the postal service. Typically, I don't notify people what their tracking numbers are since there's usually no need; it's VERY rare that a package gets lost in the mail. But if I sent your package via Priority Mail and you didn't receive it, please notify me so I can check the tracking to find out what happened.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me. If you have any problems with your disc(s) let me know.

There is no guarantee whatsover expressed or implied pertaining to the ROMS themselves or the media on which they are contained. The efficiency or inefficiency of the postal services are beyond my control and thus anything that occurs while your discs are not in our direct custody are likewise exempt from any guarantee or warranty of any kind. We will not accept any liability for any damages that occur to you or your property as a result of the use of - or inability to use - these discs and/or their contents. I reserve the right to refuse to accept or fulfill any request at any time; the sending of materials or funds does not automatically imply that I will fulfill your request. Should I refuse to fulfill your request after you've already sent me funds or discs, I will return to you exactly what you sent to me, using the same method of transfer (ie. credit card, US Mail).

Yes, I accept them but please keep in mind they're strictly that: donations aren't related to this service, don't help keep this site or service going and they won't buy someone's way up the queue; requests will be filled in the order they're received, regardless. If you feel like donating, thanks! If not, that's fine too.

JavaScript Notice
Please note: the calculations performed in the form boxes on my 'ROMs' page are done by JavaScript. Although the script has been tested extensively with the latest versions of the most popular web browsers, there remains a slim chance that some version of some browser could misinterpret the JavaScript. Because there are so many browsers and versions available to users, I cannot guarantee correct interpretation with them all. Therefore, should a situation require it, I reserve the right to expect a correction of any improper request or amount sent to me. Should you have a concern regarding any request or amount you did, in fact, send, please contact me with the relevant details of your request and I'll be more than happy to supply the correct information.

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