DAPHNE Laserdisc MPEGS -- 4 DVD-R discs - $8.00
This set contains MPEGs, sound files, ROMS, and framefiles for the following games:

Astron Belt
Bega's Battle
Cliff Hanger
Cobra Command
Esh's Aurunmilla
Galaxy Ranger
Goal To Go
GP World
Super Don Quixote
Thayer's Quest
Us Versus Them
Mach 3
Road Blaster
Interstellar Laser Fantasy

Also, please note that I will not be accepting requests for 'Dragon's Lair' or 'Space Ace' as these laserdiscs are commercially available.

Unemulated Laserdisc MPEGS -- 2 DVD-R discs - $4.00
Except for Mad Dog McCree, which is in bin\cue format, this set contains MPEGs and sound files for the following games:

Freedom Fighter
Time Traveler
Laser Grand Prix
Mad Dog McCree
Who Shot Johnny Rock?

Also, what ROM and Framefiles I have are also included. Again, please bear in mind that NO emulators are known to currently support these games.

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