PC Engine

PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 ROMs -- 1 DVD-R disc - $2.00
System Renamer Total Have Miss Lists
PC Engine--TurboGrafx-16 GoodPCE 1.09a 1565 1565 0 Have Miss
NEC PC6001 TOSEC 0.10 103 103 0 Have Miss
NEC PC8x01 - BIOS TOSEC 0.01 90 90 0 Have Miss
NEC PC8x01 - D88 TOSEC 0.01 4040 4040 0 Have Miss
NEC PC8x01 - Unoffical - D88 TOSEC 0.01 523 523 0 Have Miss
NEC PC98xx - D88 TOSEC 0.21 2 2 0 Have Miss
NEC PC98xx - DCP - DCU TOSEC 0.24 1180 1180 0 Have Miss
NEC PC98xx - DIP TOSEC 0.22 63 63 0 Have Miss
NEC PC98xx - FDD TOSEC 0.22 82 82 0 Have Miss
NEC PC98xx - FDI TOSEC 0.22 839 839 0 Have Miss
NEC PC98xx - HDI TOSEC 0.22 118 118 0 Have Miss
NEC PC98xx - HDM TOSEC 0.24 482 482 0 Have Miss
NEC PC98xx - THD TOSEC 0.21 1 1 0 Have Miss

PC Engine ISOs -- 1 DVD-R disc - $2.00
This set contains the following games in ISO form:

Akumajou Dracula X Chi no Rondo (J).zip
Bomberman '94 Taikenban (J).zip
Bonk 3.zip
Cosmic Fantasy 2 (U).zip
Cotton - Fantastic Night Dream.zip
Crest of Wolf (J).zip
Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge.zip
Download 2.zip
Dragon Slayer (U).zip
DragonBall Z.zip
Dungeon Explorer II (U).zip
Emerald Dragon (J).zip
Exile 2-Wicked Phenomenom.zip
Gain Ground SX (J).zip
Garou Densetsu Special (J).zip
Gate of Thunder 3-in1.zip
Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire (J).zip
Golden Axe (J).zip
Image Fight II (J).zip
Kaze No Densetsu Xanadu II (J).zip
Last Alert.zip
Lords Of Thunder.zip
Mad Stalker (J).zip
Metamor Jupiter (J).zip
Neo Nectaris.zip
Ninja Action Kaze Kiri.zip
Prince of Persia (J).zip
R-Type (J).zip
Red Alert (J).zip
Road Spirits (J).zip
Shadow Of The Beast (U).zip
Splash Lake (U).zip
Spriggan (J).zip
Spriggan 2.zip
Strider Hiryu (J).zip
Super Air Zonk.zip
Super Darius (J).zip
Super Darius 2 (J).zip
Super Raiden (J).zip
Sword Master (J).zip
The Dynastic Hero (U).zip
Valis (J).zip
Valis 3 (J).zip
Valis 4 (J).zip
Valis Visual Collection.zip
Xak I & II (J).zip
Ys Book 1&2.zip
Ys III - Wanderers From Ys.zip
Ys IV - The Dawn of Ys (J).zip

These games have all been tested with either HuGo or Magic Engine. All come with cue sheets (one of them use an .hcd) and while a few have their data contained in .bin files, the majority use .iso and audio tracks. Some of the games come with audio tracks converted to .mp3 to save space while others have the audio saved in .mpc form; these latter games come packed with a batch file and extractor to convert the .mpc files to .wav format. Also, some (but not all) of the games with .mp3 audio come packed with a converter to re-encode these files to .wav. In a folder called "Tools" you'll find a generic batch file and the .mp3>.wav converter (along with a readme describing how to use them) for those who wish to convert the remaining games with .mp3-only audio over to .wav format. For those who do not wish to convert, every game with .mp3 audio includes an extra cue sheet for that format.

If you're relatively new to emulation and do not know what any of the aforementioned means, or how to burn ISOs or mount virtual CDs, this set may not be for you; it's expected that the user who requests this set will be well-versed in working with ISO files.

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